Customer interaction and resident cooperation

Resident cooperation has been developed over the entire 45-year span of VVO's operations. Resident cooperation provides residents with opportunities to influence their housing and those VVO practices that concern the residents.

Some 2,300 residents have been nominated to specific posts in residents' associations, such as chairmen of the house committees, vice chairmen, experts and house security managers. In addition, there are approximately 2,500 house committee members.

VVO's Board of Residents, the highest body representing all VVO residents, convened in December 2013. A new Board of Residents began its term of office on 1 January 2014. The Board of Residents is elected for a two-year term. Jarmo Natunen from Helsinki will continue as the chairman of the board in 2014. The board has a member and a deputy from each VVO Home Centre area across Finland.

VVO receives feedback from customers through the Board of Residents. The board also comments on topical housing policy issues and acts as an active residents' panel, providing VVO with opinions to support decision-making on housing guidelines. For example, in December 2013 VVO's Board of Residents issued Minister of Housing Pia Viitanen with a statement in support of keeping the national rent equalisation system.

Resident representatives can issue statements on the property rent criteria, in both Cost Principle and Market product groups.

Stepping down in 2013, the previous Board of Residents published an unofficial report for its two-year term.

In 2013, 14 residents' economic theme events took place.



Residents' bonuses available throughout the tenancy

VVO rewards its residents with bonuses throughout their tenancy. Residents' bonuses are available as soon as customers sign the tenancy agreement with VVO.

As soon as they move in, VVO's residents receive the paint bonus, which includes the paints and equipment required to redecorate their home. VVO residents are also entitled to a range of discounts and events.

After a three-year tenancy, residents can claim back their 250-euro rent deposit. For more information about residents' bonuses, visit