Engaging employees and transparent operations

Good frontline management practices and employee engagement methods, as determined in VVO's human resources policy, were strengthened during the review period. The competence management model and the competence assessment procedure, introduced earlier, were further aligned with the strategic priorities.

During the 2013 review period, VVO introduced a pay and reward policy as part of the development of its pay system. The objective of the policy is to bring together in one document the key elements, policy definitions and processes regarding pay and rewards. VVO's pay and reward policy also seeks to increase transparency in the pay system. The principles of rewarding employees were strengthened by harmonising performance assessment methods and revising job evaluations. Supervisors and employee representatives gave their input to VVO's pay and reward policy.

Personnel engagement plays an important role in VVO's operations. Employees make an important contribution to the development of a range of areas, both in established liaison groups and in various projects.

The information and consultation regarding VVO's reorganisation and job changes was launched on 11 November 2013 and completed on 2 December 2013, before the minimum consultation period had elapsed. The information and consultation procedure concerned some 190 employees. The consultation did not aim at any redundancies. After the consultation the Management Group made decisions on the business and organisation of departments in line with the employer plan.

Persons within the scope of the information and consultation could express their interest in the open positions through a survey. The reorganisation will be completed by 30 April 2014.

At the end of 2013, VVO employed 324 (335) people of which 313 (316) were employed permanently and 11 (19) temporarily. The average number of personnel during the year was 341 (343). The average length of service was 11.0 years (10.3). The personnel turnover in 2013 was 6.6 per cent (7.6 per cent).

As a purchaser and investor, VVO is an important employer in its property locations. In 2013, the indirect employment effect of VVO's property maintenance, cleaning and repair and building contracting amounted to nearly 1,500 man-years, in addition to VVO's own employees.

Personnel by department 31 Dec 2013

Pylväät 1
Customer Management Department 170170
Administrative Department 1515
Development Department 2020
Real Estate Department 4545
Marketing and communications 1212
Financial Department 5959
Group Management 33

Total 324






VVO people


Indirect employment effect of