Points for quality control in supplier network and property management

VVO fights the grey economy by ensuring that all anti-grey economy models used by the company exceed legislative requirements in many respects. Continuous automatic monitoring of contractors' liability data is carried out, whereas the law only requires data checks every three months.

Any companies that wish to be part of our supplier network must fulfil not only legal obligations but also VVO's own criteria for companies and associated persons. VVO's contract programme allows contractor chains to extend to a second tier. The agreement between VVO and its contractor contains sanctions with regard to, for example, the failure to use ID cards.

The property management quality control system, Laaki, helps VVO maintain energy-efficient building technology settings and ensure healthy living conditions. Laaki is based on property audits and customer satisfaction surveys. Systematic quality control and regular performance reviews with the property management companies have improved both the Laaki quality points received by the assessed businesses and VVO's customer survey results for property management.

The 2013 Property Manager was Lasse Riisiö from Kotka, who received the highest ever result in the property management quality measurement, nearly 9,200 quality points.