Corporate Management


The Board of Directors appoints the CEO and Deputy CEO. The CEO is responsible for running the business operations of VVO in accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act, administrative regulations and instructions issued by the Board of Directors.

The CEO is responsible for ensuring that the company carries out its business operations and implements its goals. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors on the company’s financial situation and business environment and on other matters relevant to the company’s business operations. The CEO also chairs the Management Group.

The CEO during the review period was Jani Nieminen M.Sc.(Tech.), MBA. The CEO's deputy up to 1 September 2013 was Eero Saastamoinen, Business Director, Real Estate, M.Soc.Sc. and, from 2 September 2013, Raimo Vehkaluoto, CFO, M.Sc. (Econ.).

Management Group

The Management Group supports the CEO in the preparation of Group strategy issues, in the handling of significant and fundamental operations issues, and in facilitating internal communications.

The Management Group is responsible for implementing the Board of Directors' decisions under the leadership of the CEO.

The VVO Group Management Group was composed up to 1 September 2013 of CEO Jani Nieminen (Chairman), Business Director, Real Estate Eero Saastamoinen, CFO Raimo Vehkaluoto, Customer Director Juha Heino, Administrative Director Tiina Heinonen and ICT & Development Director Mikko Pöyry.

From 2 September 2013, the Management Group included CEO Jani Nieminen (Chairman), CFO Raimo Vehkaluoto; Customer Director Juha Heino; Investment Director Mikko Suominen; Real Estate Development Director Kim Jolkkonen (from 10 September 2013); Marketing & Communications Director Irene Kantor; and ICT & Development Director Mikko Pöyry. At the CEO's discretion, Tiina Heinonen, the Group's legal counsel, and Jouni Heikkinen, the company's internal auditor, may also attend Management Group meetings.