Satisfied customers, pleasant neighbourhoods

The results of our annual customer satisfaction survey show that VVO's residents remain very satisfied with VVO's services.

The customer satisfaction survey measures living comfort, VVO's operations and customer service, maintenance services, VVO's communications and resident cooperation.

In the 2013 survey customer satisfaction remained high, at the level of the previous year. Young residents aged under 25 were the most satisfied group, residents aged 45–54 the least satisfied. Regional differences were also visible, with the most satisfied residents found in the VVO Home Centre regions of Lappeenranta, Jyväskylä and Tampere, while customers living in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area were the most critical of their living standards.

Examples of issues requiring action included cleanliness of the property waste collection site and maintenance company response times. Action taken on the basis of resident feedback includes revised property maintenance guidelines and increased quality control.

VVO is considered a reliable landlord. No fewer than 92 per cent of respondents had recommended or would be willing to recommend VVO. Close to 45 per cent of respondents had already recommended VVO as a landlord. "This has never been just an apartment or a base. This is HOME" said one of the respondents when explaining why they had decided to recommend VVO.

Carried out by Innolink Research in July and August 2013, the survey had approximately 1,500 respondents.

Tenant satisfaction

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